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Why I choose Engine.Marketing for my company’s name.

In this blog post I’ll share my thought process when I decided to rebrand my company name.

Branding starts with a domain name.

After 10 years of having a relatively strange company name called Optimized Reality I decided to rebrand and change my company name to something a little more shall I say obvious. I went with Engine.Marketing because of my love for cars. What’s the best part of a car? The engine! It works on many levels. An engine is they key part to a car. Without it we’d all be like the Flintstones, using our feet to push us along. It’s an integral part of a car and in my case the integral part of marketing. Just like an engine, marketing is what moves your brand. It’s the medium that drives your message. You can have a website but that alone won’t drive traffic. I like comparing it to traditional forms of marketing. You can have a beautiful commercial(your website) but if you don’t buy it airtime(marketing) how can you expect to deliver your message to your audience. 

Choosing a brand name is very important. We all know how important first impressions are and your brand name is the first thing your audience will see. When developing a brand name the first thing I do is actually search domain names because I want to make sure whatever name I choose is available for purchase. Developing your brand consistency online is key. It makes it easier for your target market to find you.

Search Engine Marketing is all about making it easier for your customers to find you and arguably even more important to drive potential new customers to your website. Being on the first page of Google, or even better the first place on Google for your keyword is what makes an online business successful. 

Over the past 10 years I’ve studied the evolution of the search engine. It’s a highly guarded secret. The search engine is basically an algorithm, there’s many variables that the search engine takes into consideration when ranking a website. Unfortunately this algorithm is very mysterious as it constantly changes. Google for instance doesn’t want people to know the algorithm because then you’d have a bunch of people manipulating it and you’d have a ton of spammy search results. It makes sense though when you think about it. The reason we use Google so much is because they deliver with high accuracy the results we want to see when we search for something.

So unlike traditional forms of marketing that you can go to school for, SEO and SEM is a cat and mouse game. It’s like being a detective and solving a crime. You need to ask a lot of questions. Then if your certain, present your case and hopefully solve the case.

Although Google’s algorithm is a secret. What’s not a secret is the most important thing in SEO and SEM and that’s great content. If you have original high quality content on your website it will organically draw attention and do well. 

Anyways I could write a serious essay about the many variables taken into consideration when ranking a website but I don’t want to bore you with this blog post. 

My focus, which I admit got slightly side tracked, is why I chose Engine.Marketing as the name for my company. 

I’d actually love to talk more about search engines should you guys and gals have more questions. I’m always available through my website chat or email. So feel free to give me a shout!

My next post will go into how to choose a domain name for your business. What factors helped me in choosing Engine.Marketing for my company’s name.

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